About Us

Search and Research Development Society, Bhopal (MP), India

Search and Research Development Society, a voluntary organisation comprising students, researchers, educationists and scientists, works for making people aware of scientific, environmental and social issues.

To motivate young researchers and social workers, our society highlights their works and felicitates them. We also work for empowerment of women and raise awareness among them about their rights.

Our society is associated with UNESCO and IUPAC under the International Year of Chemistry and has organised events in collaboration with them in 2011.

Search and Research Development Society wants to expand the area of activities by bringing women and youths to the mainstream of welfare activities to translate the dreams of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi into reality.

The society is, in fact, transforming youths and women into becoming global citizens, that they may appreciate the Vision-2022 of our Prime Minister.

The Society organised many events in collaboration with UNESCO and IUPAC in 2011 which was the International Year of Chemistry. The Society has also been organising national and international seminars since 2010 to raise awareness among women and youths about developments in science, agriculture, education, environment conservation and economy to bring a positive change to the country.

The society promotes innovative youths and women from rural and backward areas as they are deprived of opportunities to display their talent.