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Risk communication is by and large concerning the situation where the life of the people at large is at a risk.

Be it an epidemic, a pandemic, risks of genetically engineered food, nuclear disaster, or extreme weather situations, etc., need to be addressed immediately with right kind of approach and public awareness using interdisciplinary scientific knowledge and practices. Ongoing reciprocal communication among all beneficiaries is an integral part of the risk management process.

Risk Communication is more than the dissemination of information and a major the function is the process by which information and opinion essential to effective risk management is incorporated into the decisions of risk management.

The overall concept behind evolving such an initiative is not just diffusion of information among masses and pacify public concerns but also to nurture an informed public response to reach a reasonable, thoughtful, and collaborative solution. The necessity of two-way risk communication process has also been highlighted by FAO/WHO in the context of COVID19.

We Search and Research Development Society are reaching out to the mass population for science and health awareness programs in collaboration with the National Council for Science and Technology Communication. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic can be tackled with scientific consciousness and medical science. The cooperation of citizens in science and health communication is encouraging. The use of various means of communication for citizen participation in pandemic prevention is also very effective.